Saturday, November 02, 2013

Song of Drar and Murin: Game 4

Following the suggestion of readers and friends, I decided that this scenario will depic tthe dwarves' attempt to recover the bodies of Murin and Drar.

The set-up. The dwarves need to fight their way through to the bodies at the other end of the board. If they have fewer than two figures on a cleared tile, a new card will be placed on it.

I recruited three more slayers this time, and they clear the first tile easily.

One down, three more to go!

Leaving two figures behind to guard the first tile, I push a slayer past the third tile into the fourth to beat the clock, unveiling the troll and the goblin commander.

Sending a warrior against the lead slayer, the goblin commander dashes to the tile to his right to raise the troops there. The archers keep the troll penned in in the side room.

I then make a mistake of sending the goblin commander back to attack the isolated slayer - he is cut down and his minions flee in terror. Murin and Drar are avenged!

With this win, I can purchase another leader figure to lead the warband.

I think the "Lethal against goblins" trait is perhaps too powerful in this campaign where every figure except the troll is, well, a goblin. I think I shall limit my warband to one slayer hereafter.


SteveHolmes11 said...

I've thought of 2 variations to the rules, and wonder how these might work.

First, unknown terrain: For some scenarios, start with a small patch of "known" tiles, and generate the remainder as the dwarf party gets close.

Next, a few apprentices: Your game features the classic "Characters and grunts" model, with only the characters eligible for advancement. How about nominating 1 or 2 of the grunts as the figures who would assume the lead if the unthinkable happened to the characters. This provides some potential leaders who can rise from within the ranks - the "Sam Gamgee" or "Neville Longbottom" characters.
The initially appear undistinguished, but adversity and stress bring out their finest qualities.

I'm enjoying the series, and hope you'[ll find new leaders for these dwarves.

captain arjun said...

I think when it comes to a pre-determined configuration like in this scenario, I should have used the "unknown" terrain system.

With the random tile placement, I need to reveal all the tiles because there is a chance that the passages might "double back" or loop back on itself.

Under the rules, gruns are allowed advancement, but in my case I chose to limit advancements to the characters to reduce book-keeping.

Fluff-wise, I think I will promote the first slayer to a new character.

I am now wondering if they should take the fighting overground so I can use the reverse side of the tiles and also my warg riders.

Sean said...

Myron and Drar are avenged. Sounds like the travel back through the wilderness is in order.

Sean said...

Murin, stupid auto correct.

Anonymous said...

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captain arjun said...

OK, I got the email notification and I can see your email too. :)