Sunday, May 25, 2014

X-Wings again

Thomas joined fg and I for a game this afternoon, and it turns out he has bought almost every single X-Wing supplement released!

He had more ships that we can possibly handle, so we played a 150-points aside game. I chose to play the Imperial side and fly some TIE Interceptors which I have never played, and fg chose to use the Millennium Falcon (OK, the generic version with a generic pilot and generic pilot) and the A-Wing and B-Wing, all of which we haven't played before. Thomas took the other half of the Rebel force with two X-Wings and an A-Wing.

I am not sure if it was my poor piloting or my poor dice-rolls, but I found the TIE Interceptors to be a disappointment; without shields, they are rather vulnerable. I think I will stick with the TIE Advance from now on.

It was another enjoyable game nonetheless, and we wondered if we should get our hand on the D&D version of the franchise when it is released.

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