Sunday, May 18, 2014

X-Wing and Pak 38

fg came over for a game of X-Wing and we used the new star mat that he bought.

Rebel and Imperial forces duke it out in an asteroid field.
He chose a mat with a hex grid as our other starship game of choice is Starmada Compendium, which uses hexes.

My order from Plastic Solider Company arrived earlier in the week, but unfortunately there was a mistake with the order, which means there will be a few week's delay in our planned campaign. Nevertheless, I thought I should just work with what I have on hand and continue to build up my terrain collection.

The PSC Pak 38 box comes with four guns, so after assembling one and passing two to fg in case he decided to start a German force, I thought I would make a wrecked gun as a terrain piece. I thought I would make it a "realistic" terrain piece and base it on a photo of an actual destroyed Pak 38 gun; turns out those aren't common on Google (most are actually of restored guns or of the crew in action, taken from the rear or side). I did manage to find one photo on flickr (sorry, I didn't note down the user):

Here is my attempt to duplicate that in 20mm:

I think I didn't do too badly, although I wonder if I should remove the rivets on the right side of the gun shield, which appear to have popped off due to the impact of the round.

Should be fun to paint, this.


SteveHolmes11 said...

A really impressive piece of battle damage.

I wouldn't like to be part of the crew (usually shown huddling behind the all too small gun shield) when those rivets popped off.

Natholeon said...

This blog deserves a Liebster award! Consider yourself nominated.