Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pleasant Surprise VII

This year I once again took part in the Pleasant Surprise gift-exchange organised on the Warhammer Empire forum. My unsuspecting recipient was Novogord, who has a dwarf army made up of the old Marauder figures. I managed to get one of these off ebay, and this was what I came up with:

A donkey cart of beer for his army.

The cart is one of two from the Nikolai 1/72 medieval cart box, and the donkey was from Warlord Games, with the harness made from epoxy putty. The barrels were from my existing collection of bits.

I painted the dwarf in the colours of his army, and tried to match his painting technique and base work - hopefully it blends nicely with his existing figures.

I really enjoy the process of cyber-sleuthing and thinking up and painting a suitable gift for a fellow wargamer, and will sign up for another round next year as long as it is being organised.

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