Sunday, August 03, 2014

X-Wing 4 - More or Fewer Wings

I like X-Wing as much as the next guy, but I think that the new fighters are really just a copy of the original models with more or fewer wings...

Anyway, Thomas, fg and myself played a 150-points aside game this afternoon. I decided to fly the new TIE Defender and a TIE Advanced, since these have shields, and Thomas flew the Firespray, which I always thought was a silly design.

fg flew the E-Wing (really, guys?) and the Z-95, plus Wedge Antilles in an X-Wing, and a B-Wing.

fg picked some really effective upgrades, and dominated the battle. I get a feeling I am playing the Imperials wrongly... or maybe I am just bad at this game.

After the game we posed all of Thomas' models on the mat for a shot. I suspect he will be adding more models to his collection soon...

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Laffe said...

The E-wing, Defender and Phantom are not Fantasy Flight's inventions, I doubt they are even allowed to invent new ships.

But my gut reaction was the same as yours, the first time I read about them in the comics. "They just slapped on a third wing and now it has shields, can go through hyperspace and is better than an interceptor???"