Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chain of Command Game 1

I apologise for the poor photos in this post, but the crank handle on my tripod broke and it's only when I have to shoot without it that I realise how difficult it is to get proper photos of a game while trying to come to grips with a new set of rules.

Anyway, after several months of preparation, I finally played a game of Chain of Command with Martin this afternoon.

Martin's British are recently rebased figures from many years ago when we used them for Crossfire (remember Crossfire?) while my Germans are Plastic Soldier Company figures painted by Dragon Painting Service operating out of Hong Kong. I will get some clear photos of them the next session. Promise.

Anyway, Martin and I played the simple Patrol scenario. I think we got most of the rules right, the exception being the one regarding leader casualty.

The British at their Jump-Off points

A smoke round saves the British section caught in the open and in the sights of a German section.
The game played pretty much as promised: with a high level of tension as you can spend a few phases without having a go, and very often you will not have the die-rolls required to activate your sections in a coordinated way.

We both made good use of our "national characteristics" - I delivered deadly fire with my leaders directing LMG shooting, while Martin managed to save one of his sections from a crossfire by using smoke rounds fired from his 2" mortar.

We feel confident enough to have a go at it with vehicles the next game.


Stephen Holmes said...

Good to see you have the game under-way. Don't worry about the blurred pictures, it's simply fog of war.

fatgoblin said...

wish i was there man! terrain looks spiffy! love the fences

captain arjun said...

Well, get your GIs ready then!