Thursday, January 01, 2015

D&D Stone Giant Elder repaint

The rules for giants in Warhammer are quite fun, and so I wanted to paint one up for Adrian's Orcs and Goblins army; problem is, the official model is expensive.

After some googling, I got myself a D&D Stone Giant Elder which I did a minimal conversion on to end up with the fellow pictured above. I swapped his head for that of a Warhammer Ogre, and also cut the top half of his soft, curved club and grafted the hard plastic club from the Warhammer Ogre sprue.

Getting the flesh paint done on such a large figure was not easy - I needed several coats before I had an even finish. It also took me a while to decide what colours to paint his clothes. In the end I decided they were mainly leather and fur, and that he used part of a medieval tournament tent as his belt, and the kilt and bucklers from an unfortunate Scotsman for the top half of his... well, top.

One problem with buying the prepainted D&D figures online is that there is usually no indication of the size of the model. Fortunately, this model is just the right height for a Warhammer giant, being 7.5cm from sole to top of his (swapped) head, and would be 10cm if measured he was standing straight.

You can get an idea of his size from the picture below, which shows the 5cm x 7.5cm base I glued him on.


Atreides1974 said...

Oh my goodness! That looks fantastic!!!

captain arjun said...

Leaving you to flock the base, bro.

Xin said...

That is spectacular. Consider this idea stolen.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Xin. Great blog you have there!