Sunday, February 15, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Spell Markers

I am not a big fan of magic in my fantasy wargames, and my Empire army doesn't even have a wizard. I do field a Warrior Priest though, and he has prayers which he can use to either increase his unit's attack strength or its defence. It can sometimes be hard to remember which one is effect during a turn, so I made a couple of markers for them.

They are just spare bits from my bits box, glued to a plastic 20mm base and painted in monochrome.

Shield of Faith and Hammer of Sigmar

I wanted to make something for my Night Goblin army too, which does have a few shamans (because they can't survive without a few). I assume the spell I will use most often is Sneaky Stabbin', but instead of using just bit of a weapon I decided to use a spare goblin figure I had.

Perhaps I should have based him on a round base to make him stand out, but on a square base he can be used in a unit in case I needed an extra figure.

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