Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Game 2

fg and I played the second game in our dungeon crawl campaign last night.

This time I used the print-on-demand Small Tile: Dungeon Core Set from Heroic Maps. The card is a little thin, but used on a non-slip surface they work well enough.

The party tracks the goblins who have stolen the farmer's pig back to their lair, and a series of sharp fights manage to kill the goblin chief, take a couple of prisoners, and recover the pig (and for some strange reason) a goat.

Among the loot they have taken from the goblins' lair they find a map, and after interrogating the goblin prisoners, they learn of the sinister plot behind the map...

The dwarf bashes down the door and the party surprise a goblin mutant, a goblin shaman, and a couple of, well, goblins.


fatgoblin said...

we got 900 bucks from the gobbos and villagers. split 4 ways thats 225 each.

pick your advances!

Stephen Holmes said...

I like the pig and goat. Dungeon crawls have always been very lusive about what the subterranean dwellers eat.

I assumed it wasn't going to be an exclusive diet of mushrooms and lichen.
Now we know the little green b**** are raiding the nearby farms.