Friday, April 03, 2015

Night Goblin Fanatics

One of the things that makes a Night Goblin army so much fun is of course the fanatics. I am putting together an All-Night Goblin army (that's an army made up of night goblins, not an army of goblin that goes on throughout the night...) just so that I can field these little bundles of craziness.

And the squigs.

So two; two of the things that make a Night Goblin Army...

I am almost done with the army now - I've refurbished about 170 figures and will be painting some Black Hat Miniatures War Haggis to use as squigs. Combined with the Night Goblins Adrian has painted and the Squig Riders that fg is going to paint, I should have 2000 points there.

Next on the list will be another 40 skaven clanrats to refurbish (I know I said I wouldn't...), then hopefully after them I will be painting the WOTR Light Cavalry by Perry.

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