Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rampant Self-Promotion 2

I received a copy of Dragon Rampant in the mail today - a gift from Dan for contributing to the book. There was also a copy of Osprey's En Garde! rules in the package - thanks, Dan and Osprey!

What was my contribution, you ask? Well, I submitted a few photos of my figures, and two of them, reproduced in this post, made it into the final product.

I am, of course a regular playtester for Osprey and have been published in a print wargames magazine before (none of those *online* so-called "magazines", I assure you, no siree!), and my photographs are regularly lauded on Flickr (do people still use Flickr these days?) and have (okay, one has) been praised by none less than David duChemin in one of his podcasts, but this is the first time my two hobbies - nay, crafts! - have come together in a single medium.

But seriously, it's all been quite fun and I think Osprey's series of wargame rules have really provided an opportunity for wargamers to participate in the production of a set of wargame rules in a collective, grassroots kind of way.

So do get a copy of the rules - the artwork inside are beautiful - and I hope to be posting battel reports soon.


Mallius Vane said...

Lovely pics. Got my copy a couple of weeks ago and my son and I had our first game on was great fun. Love these rules!

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Gordon.

DeanM said...

Congrats! I have a copy of the rules and recognized your work.

Rodger said...

Congrat's! Great photos that deserve to be published!

The Kiwi said...

That's awesome. cheers

Nicholas Caldwell said...

Congratulations! Hoping for a copy for my birthday (coming soon!)

I'd really love a review of the "En Garde!" rules. I had actually pre-ordered it, then read a review of the shooting rules and it scared me enough to cancel the pre-order. But I would really like a second opinion. I guess I want to be persuaded that the rules are still worth it :)

captain arjun said...


I lent my copy to my friend, so I don't have it on hand. I will post a review when I get it back.