Monday, January 18, 2016

Italeri M-8 Greyhound, ACE Model M-5 anti-tank gun, and Valiant Miniatures 6-pounder anti-tank guns

Right, here's proof that I haven't abandoned miniature wargaming altogether.

The model is from Italeri, and can be built in the "standard" fashion, or in a "quick-build" wargamer's kit fashion - instead of fiddling with individual wheel and suspension, you glue four pieces onto the chassis.

It was overall an easy kit to build, with a very detailed 0.50 cal machinegun.

I have built the kit for fg's US army, mainly because I like the way the vehicle looks. fg will be painting up a crew figure or two for it.

I also bought, built and painted three anti-tank gun models for fg, as we are planning to play the Old Hickory campaign by TFL. This requires a maximum of four M5 75mm anti-tank gun models and two M3 57mm anti-tank guns.

The 57mm guns are from Valiant Miniatures - these came as British 6-pounders with British crew, and to convert them to US 57mm guns you simply cut off the muzzle-brake and use a different hub cap (provided in the box).

The 75mm gun was harder to come by - the only kit I could find was from ACE, a Ukrainian company. The details are not good, the plastic a little brittle, the instructions unclear; I was rather confused by the difference between what was shown on the instructions and photos of the gun I saw on google, until I realised that the kit was of the gun mounted on a rarer, older carriage.

Again, fg will be painting the crew figures for these.

Also in the assembly line are four German AFVs, which I hope to complete and post photos of soon.