Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Labour Day Giveaway

It's been a while since I have given something away on this blog, but due to some errors in the course of making purchases for my Kings of War project, I now have some redundant stuff on my hands which I hope to give a good home to.

The first is a unit of Black Hat Miniatures Dwarf Crossbows, complete with command figures. I ordered a pack of these way back when, but due to an incomplete address it could not be delivered. I ordered a second time, and this time it came, but without the command figures. I painted them up and called it a day.

Then some time later I ordered some War Haggises for my Night Goblin army, and an eagle-eyed employees at Black Hat noticed that the name and address matched that of the undelivered dwarves and sent them along, so now I have an extra unit. So if you are building or planning to build a dwarf army and would like an extra unit, do let me know in the comments sections below. Hopefully you like these figures enough to order more from Black Hat.

You get one command unit...

and 17 of crossbowmen

The second item is a set of D&G Pearl Purple & Gold 36 x D6 Dice Set. I ordered a set of Blue & Gold dice and a set of Green & Gold dice for my human and goblin respectively, but The Dice Shop Online sent me the purple set instead of the green set. I informed them of the mistake, and they sent me the green set, no questions asked. True Story.

Anyway, I am giving away this set of dice, so if you want them, do leave a comment and I will include you in the draw.

Once again, if you want either of these items, do leave a comment stating which item you want, and I will draw a recipient on Labour Day. This is not a first-come, first-serve offer.

The offers are free: once I let you know you have been drawn, do let me have your email and mailing address and I will mail it off to you. You don't even have to pay for the postage; I am hoping that by sharing these product I will help the two companies gain some new business.

Good luck.


Laffe said...

Those dwarves look spiffing, and new to me. I have an old school GW dwarf army that could use some metal reinforcments, as all the plastic stuff GW has released the last 20 years differ a lot from the old style. These seem to fit the bill perfectly. So please put me into the draw for the dwarves.

Do you know who the sculptor is by the way?

Anonymous said...

I have old dwarf GW Army these crossbowmen would fit right in to. I appreciate your blog and giveaways, so thanks for both.

Millsy said...

You're a generous individual sir. I'm working on a Marauder era dwarf army right now as it happens and these chaps would make a wonderful addition. Happy to pay the postage if I get lucky as I'm in Australia!

Diplomatist said...

Another generous offer!

Could you please include me in the draw for the dwarves? Thanks.

captain arjun said...

Thanks for your interest, gents.

As you have noted, the dwarves look a good match for the older editions of the GW dwarves. Unfortunately, it is not stated on Black Hat's site who the sculptor is.

captain arjun said...

And the winner of the draw is... Leif Eriksson!

Please let me have your email (just post it as a comment and then delete it immediately) and I will get the dwarves to you the next chance I get to go to the post office.

Thanks to everyone for taking part!

Laffe said...
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Laffe said...

Wow thank you!!!