Thursday, November 28, 2019

Deepnight Revelation

Our Savage Worlds campaign came to a conclusion on Monday, and I am two sessions behind on my Campaign Diary, but I would like to share this kickstarter with my readers before it ends in fewer than three days.

The first 'season' of our Space Opera campaign was based largely on the published campaign Heart of the Fury, plus a generous sprinkling of the Pirates of Drinax campaign. I enjoyed the campaign very much, and wanted to run a sequel to it.

When I came across the Seven Worlds campaign, I realised that the central plot of a group of people with psionic abilities playing the villain of the campaign made it a natural continuation of the story we started. I needed to put many years between the first campaign and this second one though, so I sold it to my players as a 'coming out of retirement' campaign.

Then, just days before we played our last session, Dave sent me a link of the kickstarter above, and I realised that it may answer one of the unresolved questions from our second campaign: where did the Grens come from?

The campaign is already funded, and had reached several stretch goals; there is one more, final stretch goal to unlock, so if you like what the campaign sounds like, do go ahead and back it so we can all get one extra book in the package.

Thank you.

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