Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Making Gaslands Vehicles II

With the main bodies of the vehicles done, I started to assemble them and add bits to make them resemble their smaller counterparts.

For the school bus, I managed to find a rolled up tarp and a box from some 1/72 AFV bits from Plastic Soldier Company.

I added a rack of cylinders from the Gaslands sprue - I assume it's some sort of oil canister or biological weapons. I had no idea what those on the smaller bus was when I painted it too...

I added two jerry cans on the back of the bus, because you always need jerry cans.

I decided to replace the original wheels of the toy car with the tyres from the Gasland sprue, since the smooth tyres betray the origins of the vehicle.

The Minigun is from the Gaslands sprue. The gun mount is actually a rocket from the sprue too - at FG's suggestion I cut the top off, attached it to the Minigun, and the flanges at the end of the rocket made a nice base for the mount.

The torso and arms of the crew is from the Gasland sprue too; the legs come from a 1/72 AFV crewman from PSC.

The bumper on the front also come from the Gaslands sprue.

 Perhaps the bit I am most proud of is the painting of the Datsun name on the tailgate.

It took a few days to put everything together, but it was a fun project. I am looking forward to playing my first game of Gaslands soon.


SteveHolmes11 said...

Beautiful, once again.
The technical's gunner looks fantastic.
That webbing across his back could be some kind of harness.

Which got me wondering how actual technical gunners are secured to their mount.
It seems like one of those "short straw" jobs, like ball gunner, tail G=gunner on the early Sturmoviks, or tank rider where the survival rate is measured up to the first encounter with an armed enemy.

Great models, keeping the character of their little brothers, but in a bigger scale.

Simon Quinton said...

Looks great nice work!