Monday, August 03, 2020

Minairons Miniatures 20mm Spanish Civil War Militia

The Minairons figures that Martin ordered finally arrived after being stuck at Spanish customs for weeks, and I managed to paint up my half of the militia last week.

The figures above comprise of a box of the militiamen (more or less - there is a missing MG gunner and a duplicate figure), and half box of the militiawomen. The figures have an AB aesthetics, and the women are even slimmer. I really enjoyed painting them, especially the more "civilian" looking ones.

I've kept to a limited palette, but there is still a rag-tag appearance to the force; this is something we predicted, and so we have decided to let Martin do all the basing work so the figures can have a coherent look. Hopefully I can post photos of these guys with their bases done soon.

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