Sunday, May 23, 2021

Deepnight Revelation: Calling for Volunteers...


This post has two purposes: it is a guide to the players in my upcoming Space Opera Season 3 campaign on character creation, and also an invitation to my readers to join the campaign indirectly by creating an NPC crew member for the ship at the centre of the campaign.


I backed the Mongoose Traveller: The Deepnight Revelation kickstarter, which will deliver soon. I am planning to modify the campaign and use it as the basis for my campaign. The campaign describes the mission of the ship of that name, and players will play crew members of that ship.

As the ship has around 500 crew members, and I have only a fraction of that number in players, I am asking you, my readers, to help by creating NPC characters to crew my ship. These characters will interact with our PCs, and go on away missions with them. I hope to post reports from our sessions, so you can follow the adventures of the ship and her crew.

The Story So Far...

In the 20-something-eth century, our galaxy is divided into three parts: the human-dominant United Confederation (UC) on one side, the Rakashan-dominated Tazanian Empire (TE) on the other, and a large Neutral Zone (NZ) of independent systems acting as a buffer/no-fly zone between them.

Two years ago, an extra-galactic species of aliens nicknamed the Grens - basically genestealers - invaded our galaxy during a war between the UC and the TE, and nearly wiped us out. With the PCs' help, our galaxy managed to defeat the Grens, and afterwards discovered the wormhole through which they entered our galaxy.

To ensure that such an invasion never happens again, the UC, TE, and NZ decided to pool their resources and send a ship through the wormhole to find the home of the Grens and hopefully... end them.

They refitted a cruiser, named Deepnight Revelation, and appointed a human (from the UC) as the captain and a Rakashan (the feline humanoid species of the TE) as his XO. The crew are all volunteers recruited from the UC and TE military, and civilians from UC, TE, and NZ who possess the talents which might be useful on this expedition. They are all volunteers because no one is even sure that the ship can survive the passage through the wormhole, let alone get back. There are some 500 crew members, deployed in various departments such as Command, Flight/Helm/Navigation, Engineering, Operations/Logistics/Medical, Tactical/Security, and "Mission Command and Science" - crew with unique talents that are not about day-to-day shipboard operations.

Creating your Character

It's a Space Opera setting, so feel free to make up a species; we use mainly Star Wars prepainted miniatures for our game, so if your species resembles one of the stock Star Wars species it will be easier to find a representation for you. As long as your character is roughly human-sized, it should be good. You can be organic, android, or Star Wars kind of droid. Psionics is rare, and in our game more or less limited to the Serrans, of whom there are not many around.

Do let me know the following about your characters:



Your origins

Your training/skills/vocation/shipboard assignment

Why you volunteered for the mission

What is something you brought with you

What is something you left behind

I may not use the character 'as is', but modify the description to suit the needs of the game, but I will attribute the creator in my session reports if I use your character (and if you wish me to).

You can post your character in the Comments section.

Thanks in advance. The galaxy thanks you for your service.


SteveHolmes11 said...

Soong Jahangir

Mon Calamari (e.g. Admiral "It's a trap" Ackbar).

Younger son from military family from Mon Cala.

Mon Cala Military Academy cadet course.
Specialised in ship automation - operate and maintain shipboard droids and computers.

Why Volunteer:
Sole Survivor policies prevent Jahangir deploying with the Calamar fleet.
He has 8 senior siblings already serving on vessels.
A home-planet posting holds little for him.
He hopes to return with honour and secure a ship command of his own.

Something he Brought:
His aquatic rest chamber occupies almost half his quarters floor space.

Something he left behind:
His desiccated egg husk.
A sign among his people of a youngling who has not yet seen the galaxy.

Andrew said...

Name: Colm Rybalt
Species: Human
Your origins: Military family
Your training/skills/vocation/shipboard assignment: Astronavigation
Why you volunteered for the mission: To prove himself to disappointed parents
What is something you brought with you: Family heirloom slugthrower pistol
What is something you left behind: Hope

captain arjun said...


Why you got to hit me in the feels like that, bruh?