Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Sunday shots: WIP 2

The weekend allows a bit of work.

I've completed most of the Libby on Mastiphant project, and only the hair and the helm remains to be painted. I've glued the other wing on - hopefully it stays on without further problems from now on... I have been wondering what colour hair to give Libby, but looking at the overall palette now I think black hair will be good.

I also primed up six plastic GW LOTR War riders I bought off ebay. Someone obviously bought them, assembled them, started painting, and then gave up on the project. The quality of the casting is not actually very high, and the area on the rump of the wargs are actually quite smooth. I used epoxy to fill the gaps and sculpted the fur.
Between these guys and the various stuff I have in transit now I should be kept busy for the next few months.

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