Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Sunday shots: WIP 3

As I mentioned earlier, my friends' entry into Warhammer and 40K has prompted me to seek out some non-GW figures and models to convert for use with their armies. Two of the nice models which I found are shown below: The model on the left is a Secrets of the Third Reich US Army Comanche mech which comes with a 50mm round base, and the one on the right is a Rackham AT-43 Strielitz Kolossus, which comes prepainted on a 40mm round base.

I had expected the Comanche to be bigger than the Kolossus, but as you can see the Kolossus is both taller and 'longer' than the Comanche.

I had planned to use the Comanche for a Killa Kan, but given its size I had to 'downgrade' it to an Ork Nob in Mega-armour. I simply left the lid off the top of the Comanche, and placed an Orc head inside the compartment. As you can see, shown here on a 40mm base next to a Space Marine, the size is about right.

Given the anatomy of the Orks, I had to use putty to fill up the joint bewteen the torso and the legs, so the shoulder joints will fall in line with the hip joints. I drilled holes in the sides for magnets as I had initially planned to have the figure come with multiple weapon options, but I think I will settle for permanently fixed arms instead.

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