Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Sunday shots: WIP

Even though I have stopped buying and painting new armies, I still have a dozen or so figures to complete, plus some odd figures and bits left from previous projects, so I decided to do something with them.

The first is an Ork mounted on a boar for my friend's 40K Ork army. I don't know if they are included in the army list these days.

The ork figure is left over from I believe a GW Orc chariot crew. I gave him a bolter from a Space Marine bits. To fit him onto his mount I had to cut the legs off below the knees and reposition them, then fill the gaps with epoxy putty.

His mount is a pre-painted D&D Thundertusk boar, which came with a saddle scupted on but thankfully no rider, so it was a simple job of ripping it off its base, then using some putty to define its reins and fill the gaps in the mould-lines.

In this view you can see the flash-suppressor holes I have drilled through the barrel.

The second project involves a Ral Partha Mastiphant I bought a long time ago to use for a 15mm fantasy army. However, its size was unsuitable and I have been looking for a rider for it off and on over the years. Finally, I decided to buy a Libby figure when I bought a bunch of other stuff from an ebay seller.

The Libby figure is nice but one of the most difficult figures I have worked with - the contact area between the wings and the helmet is small and broke off several times. If I were to start over again I would attach them after I have completed the rest of the figure.
The mastiphant appears to be some sort of a carnivorous mammoth. I could not find a picture of a painted one and so I decided to paint it in a traditional mammoth colour, but do the ears the same way I paint my Indian elephants'. The tusks on the original figure was larger and more impressive, but I used them for another mammoth figure and so had to use the plastic bits off another bit part for it...

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