Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Reaper Duke Gerard Conversion Part 2

I don't have a bottle of Dark Angels Green with me, but I reckoned I could work on the other parts of the figure anyway...

The detail and expression on the figure was good, and it was easy to paint. I wonder if I should give him a little grey hair. The definition on the resin base was also clean and sharp.

For the back-banner/wing-cross thingy I decided to use non-metallic colours. This is not an attempt at NMM - I just thought it would look better.

I decided to give the bolter a subdued look. The main body of the bolter is a dark gunmetal, with the grips being matt black/dark grey. The sling was also painted in black/dark grey. I dry-brushed a little more silver on the magazine to reflect the increased wear that would be found that item.

At this angle you can see the hole I have drilled through the flash-suppressor.

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