Saturday, March 05, 2011

Reaper Duke Gerard Conversion 2 Part 1

I showed my friend the Duke Gerard figure and Blood Angels Death Company weapons bitz I got for him, and he asked me to help him convert it to a proxy for Mephiston - we both agree that the back banner on the Duke Gerard figure looks better than that of the GW Mephiston figure.

Again I start by cutting off the tab and then drilling holes to fix the figure to a resin base and its hands.

Once more I filed off the crosses on the shoulder and hip pads, and removed all the rivets.

I shaved the lion head motif off the chest, and glued a blood-drop decoration shaven off a bolt-pistol in its place, as requested by my friend.

Instead of the shield and bolter combo which I have chosen for my previous figure, my friend asked for a power-sword and bolt-pistol combo instead. This meant I had to clip and file the hilt of the sword in the scabbard of the figure. It wasn't easy given the way the figure was sculpted, but thankfully the mess is partly covered up by the back-banner, and it was on the rear of the figure. We did run into the problem that the sword blade was wider than the scabbard, and did not in fact look like it can fit inside a scabbard, but I guess we couldn't expect everything to be perfect.

Here is the figure shown with the weapons dry-fitted. The 'official' Mephiston holds the power-sword in his left hand, but we only had a spare right arm with sword. He also holds a plasma-pistol instead of a bolt-pistol, but my friend liked the winged blood-drop motif on the bolt-pistol.

A left-oblique view showing the pistol.

A right-oblique view showing the power sword.


Thomas Than said...

Whoa!! Looks good :) Thanks Arjun!

captain arjun said...

Hey, I have fun doing it.

I realise Mephiston uses a plasma pistol, so I ordered one when I ordered some bitz for my dreadnought conversion.

I'm planning to convert a mech for your orks to use as a killer kan too. Stay tuned.