Wednesday, May 01, 2013

"Customisable" terrain Part 2

I decided to increase the number of options I can use with it by doing up a few more sets of bases.

The first is a set of resin rocky bases, for the "rough terrain" option.

Then I made some pools to convert the piece into a marsh or bog. The texture of the water comes mainly from the texture of the bases themselves, while the bubbles on the surface are actually from the diluted PVA glue I applied over it.

Finally, there is the "Unholy Ground" inserts, made with Mantic Zombie parts, presented in daylight and also "night mode".

This was a fun project, and I think I may add to the collection if I come up with any more ideas.


Simon Q said...

What a cool idea. Love the Zombie Spawn one!

fatgoblin said...

cool! zombies look fantastic! want to paint a unit? :)

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

The zombies are actually very easy to paint: when you decide to start your undead army I don't mind painting a unit for you.

Sean said...

I think I already said it about this project, but a great idea and really executed well. Keep up the good work.