Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I managed to paint up another one of the figures from the Servants of Ra pack over these past three evenings, and it joins my little gang of mummies.

The new addition is the one in the middle. Most of the rest are from Wargods of Aegyptus, a line which I love. The guy on the extreme left is from Eureka, and the tall guy on the right trying to blend in is a Reaper figure - I like their Nefsokar range too.

One reason why I chose to base my gang on the Darkfire Club in EOTD is because the Club President has the power to raise zombies - naturally, mummies are the logical equivalent formy gang! The rules call for a group of ten mummies when raised, but I think it's rather silly that mummies are being raised right here in London, so my fluff is that they are summoned magically, and so they will be accompanied by some of my animal-headed figures to bulk up the numbers. Or I can use the skeletons from my Blood Bowl team - in fact, the new guy can play for my team too...

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Sean said...

Nice addition. I'll be interested to see some AAR's once you guys get to playing.