Sunday, May 26, 2013

Streets of London

fg came by this afternoon with the PVC foam boards he bought and we made the first two of the six boards we will need for our Empire of the Dead campaign.

The street surface is a cobblestone pattern printed on A3 sized paper which we glued to 60cm x 45cm x 3mm PVC foam boards using some tacky spray adhesive. The pattern disguises the joint between boards quite well - you can just about make out the joint in the background.

The building is a pdf from Stoelzel's Structures, glued onto 1mm PVC foam board. The pavement is from Metcalfe - I used it 'as is' for the shot here, but we will probably make the pavement wider for the actual set-up.

We need to print out a few more A3 sheets to complete the project, but at least now we how to do it relatively painlessly.

The boards will just be the beginning of the whole project: we need to make enough buildings and board clutter to make the whole thing look good.

Will take a while, this...


Simon Q said...

Nice start I like the cobbled street.

Sean said...

Looks good. Is the cobble street stoelzel as well? Vampifan has also recommended 1mm foamboard but it is not something I have been able to find locally (Phoenix, AZ). Do you order it. I have thought of using mounting board instead.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

The streets are not from the Stoelzel set, but something fg got - but Stoelzel does have a "streets" set which I don't own.

I got my PVC foam boards from the local art supplies store, but it seems they are also used for signages, so a check with places that make signages might give some leads.

PVC foam boards are easier to cut than mounting board and more durable. It's waterproof, doesn't seem to warp, and doesn't separate like mounting board does with wear. It's definitely the material to choose between the two if you want something that lasts.

captain arjun said...

Sean, maybe you can give these guys a try:

They sell an 8' x 4' x 1mm sheet for US$25, and the 3mm sheet for