Friday, May 17, 2013

Professor Flinders Petrie

History records that the mummy of pharaoh Merneptah was found in 1898. History is wrong.

The mummy of the pharaoh was in fact discovered by Professor Flinders Petrie almost two decades earlier. The ka of the pharaoh possessed the body of the young Egyptian assistant at the professor's side when his sarcophagus was opened; it was in that form that the pharaoh won the professor over to his plan of recovering the ancient artefacts that will restore him to his full power and allow him to reign over Egypt again.

Keeping his find a secret, Professor Petrie returned to England with his newfound master and the duo began to recruit followers with promise of arcane power and earthly wealth and luxury in the afterlife...

Portrait of Sir Flinders Petrie, c. 1886
The Merneptah stele, discovered by Professor Flinders Petrie in 1896

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Sean said...

Cool figure and I like how the story is developing.