Friday, June 24, 2011

Desert/Arid hills

A gaming session organised at the last minute meant I had to come up with some hills to go with my new desert/arid mat before the day's end. I spent half my lunchtime today looking for cork placemats but couldn't find any... I needed a plan B.

A quick visit to the local bookstore got me three large corrugated plastic boards and a roll of brown paper. Once I got home I spread the brown paper on the kitchen floor and dabbed splotches of off-white paint on the surface with a piece of sponge. After a jog and dinner, it was dry and ready for the next part of the project...

I cut the corrugated plastic boards into various hill-like shapes and stacked three together with alternating grains - in the fashion of a piece of plywood. After that it was just a simple matter of cutting a corresponding piece of the brown paper and wrapping that around the hill and taping it down.

The results:

I got one ridge, three medium round hills and two small round hills, all for less than S$15.

Not too shabby.


Dale said...

That painting method does produce an interesting effect. Looks good!

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Dale. I'm quite surprised they turned out as planned.