Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robogear T-Rex

I guess at the back of my mind I have always wanted this kit since I first saw it, so when I saw it on auction I entered a lowish bid and I was actually a little surprised to win it. I had planned to use it as a Sentinel for a planned Imperial Guard army, but now that I have decided to build a Droids army instead, I guess this little fellow will be in storage.

So what do you get in the box?

There are two main sprues as you can see, plus a separate ziploc bag with the missile launchers and missiles - the missile launchers, which contain springs inside them, are pre-assembled, presumably to make them more kid-friendly. There is an instruction sheet showing you how to assemble the pilot, which is the same size as my Rouge Trader era Imperial Guards except for his longer legs, but since he is going to be seated, it doesn't really matter. In any case, there are two cockpit canopy - one with 'glass' and the other one without. The instructions for assembling the walker is on the back of the box.

What surpirsed me was the fact that the kit comes with 3 tiny pots of paint (a blue, a green, and a black, with their corresponding Humbrol (?) codes), and a brush!

Finally, there is the stat card.

There are, however, no decals or even stickers to go with it.

This looks like a fun and easy kit to build. There is some flash, but at least for the walker parts this is easily removable - the bits on the pilot may take a few minutes more. The parts are designed to plug together, and there are 4 holes on each side of the cabin to plug the weapons onto, and it seems you can mount the machineguns in two ways - with the magazine above the barrel, or below. You may want to omit or substitute the missile-launchers - here's where the bit box comes in...

The details are quite good, with rivets everywhere, display screens in the cockpit, and even wires in the engine compartment and at the joints - all in all a very 40K Imperial ethos. It can easily be used as a Sentinel, or with some bits, an Ork walker.

I'll post some pics if I ever get it built and painted.

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