Sunday, June 26, 2011

FPW Campaign Finale Redux

Well, we did it right this time, and the battle was a closer affair.

We kept the terrain placement and deployment from the previous game.

Once again the French Cavalry Division sacrificed itself to buy the Corps a few precious turns.

And once more they were destroyed and the Prussians began to mass.

But the funneling effect of the terrain meant that they still could not deploy quick enough to attack the fort. The final picture shows the Prussian troops taking the wooded hill to the south of the fort as the sun begins to set. From this position they will be able to shell the fort, but it was clear that they will not be able to take it today...

I think we all enjoyed the short campaign. Coming up next will be our Warring States China campaign, the test game which is scheduled in about 3 weeks.

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