Sunday, August 14, 2011


I created and named this blog a few years back when I was planning to wargame the Indian Mutiny. I bought a whole lot of figures, had them painted, played one or two test games, and then stopped. A recent discussion on TMP about a new set of rules for massed combat for the Mutiny prompted me take my figures out of storage and do a photo-inventory.
Here they are:

They are mainly Dixon 15mm, painted by DJD Minis, with some Essex Mughal figures and a few Musuem Miniatures elephants. The Highlanders are 18mm Eureka Miniatures Crimean War figures, as are a few of the oversized command figures. The bulk of the badmash were bought on ebay - I knew they had poor detail but they were cheap...

I am particularly proud of my adobe town, which I have collected over many months. The larger mosque and the fort are I believe JR, and not yet painted.

The matchlockmen form a line behind their pavises. They are Essex miniatures as are most of the elephants. The two with raised trunks are from Museum. The mutiner horse in front of them are Dixon.

The artillery corps with Mughal era iron and brass guns, along with the bullock required to haul these heavy pieces. The older guns and the camel rockets are Essex, while the 'modern' piece is Dixon.

The cheap and poorly-sculpted and painted badmash hide in the safety of the town. A few colurfully dressed men leave the market building with bales of fabric... Looters?

The mutineer sepoy units, from Dixon. The badmash are Dixon and Essex.

The British train. The horse and elephant limbers are Dixon, as is the elephant carrying the crew (I just HAD to have that model, even if it had no game value). The baggage elephant is Museum, the pack camels Essex. I can't remember where the bullock is from, but the driver is Essex and the cart scratch-built and the hay is bristles cut from a brush.

The Sikh Horse, lancers, and hussars. It's been so long I can't even remember which units' colours I had them painted in...

The Highlanders, a European unit, and the Gurkhas. The Highlanders are 18mm and tower over their Dixon counterparts, as they should. I love the leader waving a claymore, and the drummer boy.

More European infantry units, plus a Naval infantry and a Sikh unit.

This project is on the bottom of the list now, since we have had a go at the Warring States and Napoleonics yet. Hopefully this blogpost will remind me not to buy any more figures until I've played a campaign with these first...


Rodger said...

Very nice army. Those buildings look pretty good too.

Dan said...

Thats a great looking collection you have there!

Anonymous said...

That's a 'mutinous' collection you have there! :) Cap,you must have spent quite abit of time on this. Spend time to build a family as well. How's the road going with the tall lady friend of yours?