Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strandhogg Rules Modifications

I've been talking a bit about this and I realise I haven't actually put it down in black-and-white all in one location, so here goes...

(Edited 19 Jun 2015)
I find most of the rules easy to use and sensible, but the melee rules are in my opinion flawed.
Specifically, the modifications given by different weapons don't make sense.

Wielding a two-handed axe, for example, gives a figure a +1 vs defensive formation and vs mounted; however, this comes at the expense of not being able to hold a shield, which grants one a +1 in melee in ALL situations! In other words, a one-handed weapon and shield combo is always the best combo under these rules, which of course does not fit with reality - those huscarls must have carried two-handed axes for some real advantage in combat.

I tried to come up with a way to fix this, and yet allow the different weapons to have specific game effects. Being an ex-Warhammer Ancients player, I decided to graft their weapons rules to Strandhogg.

To do this, however, required me to break the melee roll down to two parts, so instead of having one single roll to decide who wins and letting the difference decide the result, I utilise the Defence score used in the resolution of missile combat: you make one roll to see who wins the combat, and one roll to see if the loser is pushed back or wounded/killed.

So I retain the Melee rating by and large, and still resolve melee as 1d10 + Melee score, higher wins, but instead of using the difference to decide whether the loser retreats or takes a wound, I make the loser make a Save by rolling equal to or lower than his Defence score (as per missile combat); if the loser makes the save, he retreats one inch, if not, he takes a wound.

So far so good.

So what are the weapon effects then?

I added the following:

1. Two handed-axe

Gives a -2 Save modifier against opponent in melee. Wielder may carry a shield, but must sling shield when within 6" of enemy figures or when engaged in melee - this allows shields to be used against missiles.

2. Spear

A figure holding a spear may attack as a 'second rank' in melee, gaining a +1 to Melee score as a subsequent attacker, but may not be attacked in return. This allows up to 4 figures to engage a single enemy figure (two in direct contact as allowed by the rules, plus one per figure as 'second rank').

3. Halberd

Gives a +1 to Mounted Wound Location roll, and a -1 Save modifier vs all opponents.
4. Lance

Gives a -1 Save modifier when charging

Now using Strandhogg for fantasy rather than historical games, my players naturally wanted some rules to be modified to fit the 'fluff'. These are the two rules we have added:

Riderless mount (warg)

See "Riderless Mount" rule in Warhammer Fantasy rules.

Thrown rock (troll)

The troll may hurl rocks as a Shooting attack. This has a range of between 6" to 12", and utilises the Close Range Template. All figures under the path of the projectile as indicated on the template must make a Save at -2.

I have also modified the stats of the various races, essentially taking the Warhammer Fantasy stats and converting them to Strandhogg stats as follows:

Agility: Typically Movement x 1.5

Courage: Typically Leadership, but with monsters such as the Troll having a 10 and using the Berserker rule

Melee: Weapon Skill

Shooting: Modifier applies with variance from a ballistic Skill of 3, i.e. if BS 4, -1 to Shooting roll, if BS 2, +1 to shooting roll.

Defence: Unarmoured 3, Light armour 4, Heavy armour 5, Plate armour 6; +1 for shield, +1 for each adjacent shielded figure in a Defensive Formation. This gives figures in shieldwalls real lasting power while not making them killers.
I hope these rule modifications are of interest to you, and look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Rodger said...

Thanks for this post. We have only played one game so far but we all liked the game. I have told the guys about your mods and I think we will try soom next time. I will let you know how it goes. They do sound good.

captain arjun said...

Haha. Like I said, you're my biggest fan, Rodger. :)

Do let me know how your games turn out.