Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pig Pen

Too cheap to buy the excellent Architects of War pig sty kit, I was inspired by Paul of the Man Cave's scratch-built pig pen to attempt one myself.

I started with these plastic wooden fence pieces for railway modeling which I bought a long time ago for an ACW project that never materialised...

I cut four equal lengths, which I then glued together in a square.

For the base I used a piece of mounting board cut in a rough square a bit larger than the fence itself, and then applied white glue over it, taking care to leave a bare oval patch, before covering it with my mix of sand and gravel.

Once everything is dry, I shook off the excess sand and gravel, then glued the fence to the base and spray-primed the whole thing black.

Next, I painted the base red brown and drybrushed with yellow brown, then painted the fence dark brown and then highlighted it with some grey mixed in the brown paint.

The bare patch was painted with dark brown paint, and when that was dry a layer of watered down white glue was applied over it - once dry this gives a water effect.

Finally, I glued some flock to the edges of the base to make it blend onto the tabletop, and I have my very own pig pen!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great Job!

Rodger said...

Excellent work. I too have been inspired by Paul's work and I am doing a pig pen right now also. Couldn't believe it when I saw yours, exactly the same pigs as well.Great minds think alike!!

captain arjun said...

I've had those fences for like ever - I guess sometimes we just need a little inspiration, and that's where hobby blogs come in.

I'm still waiting to see pics of your Strandhogg games!