Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Sunday Shots: Murin and Drar

As I mentioned earlier, I have liked the Murin figure since I first saw it, and after failing to get a Murin and Drar pack at a low price on ebay after many months I finally decided to buy the last pack at the local gaming store before they disappear and are replaced by finecast.

I painted them in the same scheme as my other LOTR dwarves.

I really like their Lombard-style helmets, and of course Murin's Raven shield. Perhaps GW will release more figures in this style after The Hobbit?


Brummie said...

Sorry only found your blog today as I have dug my own LOTR dwarfs out of there box to do something with. Nice Paint scheme from what i've seen so far. Murin and Drar rock my favorite figures as well as Gimli from the Breaking of the Fellowship set.

Hasslefree have some more Dwarfs coming out soon so might add a bit more variety if this projects still ongoing of course.

The Hobbit stills I've seen look great I'm just hoping that GW don't do them as finecast but I think thats wishful thinking.

captain arjun said...

Thanks for visiting, Brummie.

I love the Dark Age look of Murin and Drar - the Hasslefree dwarves are a bit too medieval for me but they can mix.

The Hobbit dwarves look rather fantastic with their weird weapons - hoepfully the "line" dwarves frm the battle will be more "historical"-looking.