Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Perry WOTR

A little development in the WOTR/Empire project:

I painted a billman and an archer to sort of get the pattern set, and am almost done with the fully-armoured knight (who looks like Robocop). I realise I have made a mistake by gluing the figures onto their bases before fitting their arms on - the heads may not be looking at the correct direction, and I may not be able to rank them all up nicely and may have to rebase them eventually...

I also received the Perry metal dismounted knights today. I was wondering if they would be bigger than the plastic figures, but as you can see they match very well.

I guess I'll keep chipping away at the pile of plastics until the LOTR dwarves arrive - then that will take precedence.

No word yet from the Flag Dude regarding my request for a custom-made flag - I suppose he is still clearing his email from after Historicon.

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