Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More dwarves

I went down to the gaming store to get a bottle of Citadel Dwarf Bronze - it says something about their quality control that despite the number of years between when the dwarves were painted (by the guy I bought them from) and now there is no perceptible difference in the colour of the paint.

Anyway, the paint allowed me to finish the kite shields I bought off ebay (parts from the Wargames Factory Saxon Thegn box), and glue them to the back of my dwarven Huscarls.

There are no straps modelled on the dwarves, but between their beards and the way their arms are held across their chests, it doesn't look obviously absent.

Here's a view of the shields from the back.

I also completed the oval shields for the Hasslefree dwarves. As you can see, with the shield before him, the Hasslefree figure blends in well with his LOTR fellows.

I also gave in and bought the last blister of Murin and Drar from the gaming store, having failed to find a cheaper option on ebay. They are wonderful figures with a lot of dynamism, and I think I will use them as leaders for my Ranger warbands instead of the Warriors warbands. I'll wait for the other 3 metal dwarf warriors I bought on ebay to arrive before painting them all together.


Rodger said...

looking very good.

captain arjun said...


The army started out as a cheap buy on ebay from a painter tryin g to establish himself, was neglected for many years until I got around to buying some LOTR goblins to fight them, but are now becoming my favourite of the moment.

Maybe they will get neglected again as other projects come by... maybe when I dig them out again I will be enthusiastic enough to paint patterns on all the shields...