Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amera Castle Ruins

When I picked this item up at the post office this afternoon I was so surprised by the size of the package the lady at the counter asked me if everything was OK.

Anyway, at just GBP 6, you can have this beauty as the centrepiece of your skirmish game. It truly is made for gaming!

What is represented is the base of a ruined tower on a low rise. The internal diameter of the floor area is 6.5", and the wall is 1" thick. This gives room for about a dozen occupants.

The main door is reached via a short flight of stairs, with steps wide enough to allow a 1" base to sit comfortablly, but only wide enough for one figure to attack at any one time.

There is a secondary door on the side, again accessed by a short flight of stairs. There are a few rocks/fallen blocks of masonry scuplted on the ground itself that can provide cover to atackers.

There is also a window at the rear of the tower, which provides another shooting position for the defenders, and through which attackers may climb.

The plastic is almost 1mm thick, so while it is "hollow", it is still rather durable.

Making this terrain piece ready for the gaming table will probably take a few afternoons of work and some planning beforehand. If you have any experience in doing this, do share with me and the other readers.

You can get yourself one of these and/or other items here.


Rodger said...

I don't think I can offer much help in painting it but sure looks nice.

Dan said...

great looking terrain peice.