Sunday, July 10, 2011

More small things, and big plans

The Perry WOTR Infantry box set comes with a lot of bitz, which include these "arrows stuck in ground". While they would look great in a dioramic base, I decided to base them individually on washers so I can use them as "out of ammo" markers for Strandhogg. We haven't been using that rule in our past games, but we learnt in my last game with Adrian that massed archery can be really effective - this rule will go some way towards redressing the balance.


I played a game of Mechwarrior with Adrian and Thomas yesterday - a small 450 pts head-to-head battle. The rules are pretty straightfoward, but the number of types of special weapons and armour and their interaction gives that rock-paper-scissors component to it, which is no doubt a factor in its popularity as a competition game.

Adrian is quite keen on the rules, and we will probably be giving his figures more action soon.

During the game I was also assembling Adrian's Warhammer Wyvern model - a gift from Thomas - for him; he is also painting up the entire contents of the Skull Pass box set, as well as some goblin huts, a goblin chariot, and a goblin wolf-rider I passed him. They have a ready opponent in the LOTR dwarves I have and am still adding to (just won three dwarf warriors on ebay, and will probably be getting a couple of hero figures...), and can look forward to another in my Perry WOTR figures when they are eventually done.

Thomas is meanwhile working on his Blood Angels, which you can see here. Once they are done they can play against my Space Marines, and in the future his own Orks, as well as Adrian's yet-to-be-started Space Marines.

Looks like it will be a busy gaming year.

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