Friday, October 07, 2011

More flags, dude

When I decided to base my WOTR forces on an old friend's family name, I set about looking for someone who could custom make the flags for me. The first person I thought of was The Flag Dude. However, as Rick's place just got hit by a tornado, it was some time before he could reply and by that time I have already had some flags made by Maverick Models (see here). Nevertheless, I asked Rick to make me a set of flags anyway since I was curious to see how his pre-shaped flags are like in real-life. After three weeks of being stuck with our post-office, I today picked them up (along with some books from Amazon that took 2 months to arrive!) and found that Rick has given me an extra flag. Thanks, Rick.

Here they are:

And here is the smaller banner shown alongside the Maverick Model one. As you can see the colour is slightly different, so I won't be able to mix the two sets. Ah well...

1 comment:

Rodger said...

Pity about the colour difference but very nice flags just the same.