Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yet More Space Marines and Dwarves

I managed to paint up a couple more figures this weekend.

The first one is the sergeant for my Assault Squad; I just had to give him the sword-and-shield combo since it's 'the thing' for my Marines...

I'm quite happy with the gemming on the sword; although most of my troopers have gems for their chest 'eagles', these were all painted by my brother (who is a great painter but has since retired). I think I replicated his technique quite well here.

The second figure is the female dwarf from Red Box Games. I've posed her alongside a LOTR dwarf for scale. She will be useful as a 'civilian' figure, or a priestess/druidess/sorceress type figure if we ever go down that path in our fantasy wargaming.

When I viewed the photo on my screen, I realised I have to touch up some parts of her face. I guess age is catching up.


Anonymous said...

gosh, you've been busy!

you're just trying to put me to shame!


Dan said...

Good to see you are getting use of the SM stuff, I have painted up 8 of the Normans on my blog so far, very happy with them, nice assault marine.