Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Space Marines and Dwarves

Over the past few weeks FG passed me about a dozen figures, which will keep me busy for quite a while...

The first figure I completed was this figure based on the Space Marine Veteran with Lightning Claws. I realised that my Space Marine force needed an extra figure to make a complete Command Squad (the force commander not counting as one), so I added this guy to the squad. His tabard and skull motif fitted with the ethos of my guys, but I didn't really want a Lightning Claws marine (not that I know what those do...), so I took a combi-melta arm off FG and coupled it with the left arm from a Death Company arms sprue I bought a while back. I like the way his looking at where his weapon is pointing.

Here is the reconfigured command squad.

The other figure is a dwarf from Red Box Games, specifically
Birgir. He is the only male dwarf figure from the range that doesn't have that large nose look. He came with a large round shield; the corresponding part of the body where the shield is attached is actually just a flat surface with two depressions to guide the fit - no painting details only to have them obscured by the shield!

I decided to make him a leader for my Huscarls, so I glued the kite shield in its place instead

The cape has a nice fur detail.


Dan said...

I really like the dwarves well done!

captain arjun said...

Well, if we ever visit each other, Dan, our dwarves and Saxons can have a little contest... :)

Rodger said...

Really nice painting Captain.

captain arjun said...

THanks, Rodger.