Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blood Bowl Game 3 and FUBAR 40K Game 1

My computer had a booting problem and as my keyboard was a wireless one I couldn't remedy the problem until I bought a cheap (S$11) 'corded' keyboard after today's game.

I am a computer-idiot, but after some trial and error I managed to reboot it from an alternative drive or something... but all the desktop icons and files are gone and so are many of the programmes, including my usual picture editor, so I am only uploading two today...

The first is from Game 3 of our Blood Bowl series. fg's Nurgle team scored their first touchdown of the series, but I managed to equalise in the second half and a lucky deviation on the kick-off dice placed the ball right on his end-zone, making it impossible for him to score in the remaining time. We drew the game, but three if his players gained new skills at the end of the game; none of mine did, plus my fans, disappointed by my performance, deserted me, leaving me with a lower Fan Factor.

The second picture is from our first FUBAR game. Thomas fielded his Blood Angels in their first game ever. The scenario was designed around the crashed spacecraft from GW, the objective being to capture the pilot of that craft alive and bring her off one's table-edge.

Martin and I took my green Marines (I really ought to give them a name...) and decided to set up firing positions to whittle down Thomas' Blood Angels as they approach. This worked to a certain extent - Thomas lost 2 squads trying to reach the pilot. However, just when we were going to grab the pilot ourselves his Dante figure leapt forward, seized her, and in the next activation leapt away. We had one chance to intercept him with our closest squad (my Assault Marines with jump-packs having spent most of the game in 'reserve', having failed most of their activations), but we failed the activation and lost our chance.

The game wasn't long enough for us to get a good appreciation of the rules, but the basics seem to be right - my Terminators got caught in the open and were decimated. We did forget the rule about squads with 50% strength left falling back on a failed activation, which would have extricated them though. We probably will need to house-rule some terrain penalties for movement, but I am keen to give them another try.

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