Monday, November 07, 2011


A long weekend allowed me to complete my Assault Squad and Chaplain.

I like how the boys look, even if they did take me a long time to paint.

The Chaplain figure looks quite good, even if I do say so myself. He also marks the first concession I made towards 40K.

You see, up until now I have painted and organised my Space Marines in a generic fashion with no real adherence to any Codex; when I made the decision to refurbish them earlier this year, I planned to organise them according to FUBAR lists. Dan first offered me a Chaplain figure when we made a trade earlier, but I declined as I didn't really see myself having a use for one. Then FG just dropped one off at my place and said something about modelling it with the jump-pack on...

It was quite a while before I decided I would paint it, and then another while before I decided that I would paint it black instead of green like my other marines, as per the Codex - even my apothecary was painted green instead of white as required by the codex.

I then looked at a couple of forums before deciding to use magnets to make it possible to field him with the normal backpack or the jump-pack, and arming him with a plasma-pistol instead of a bolt-pistol - apparently giving him the jump-pack and plasma-pistol and attaching him with the Assault squad was the thing to do. With Adrian and Thomas making progress on their Space Marines, I have to seriously look at making my force kosher.

FG also passed me a special shoulder-pad - I like the words on them.

My force is still not 100% Codex-compliant - still needs 15 more vanilla marines and one vanilla terminator figure if I were to comply with the minima for heavy weapons, but hopefully the guys will let it slide.

With these guys done I guess I should go back to painting the Perry plastics, but I feel I need a break... Perhaps the release of their WOTR cavalry set will be the needed boost?


Dan said...

Cool, looking very Dark Angels, wouldn't take much to make them DA.

Thomas Than said...

Looks like we're gearing up for a game. Adrian has been painting his Ultramarines. I'll need to restart my painting again after stopping for almost a month :P.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Dan. I think the Dark Angels are a little too colourful for me with their red accents. My boys are darker than the Dark Angels... :)

Thomas, Adiran and I are saying we should set a date for a first game and play with whatever we've got painted just to start the ball rolling. End of this month?