Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scout Squad

I'm still waiting for my latest order of resin bases to arrive to base the ones I painted today, but they are all done.

I feel a little guilty fielding these figures in my Space Marine force, not because they are not official GW or WYSIWYG, but because of the sexist sci-fi equivalent of the "chainmail bikini" some of them are wearing. Despite that, they are all very nice sculpts.

I can't decide which one of them I like best: the MG gunner on the left has that "No. Have you?" attitude about her, the figure next to her has a very dynamic pose (and beautifully-sculpted coat), and the figure on the right is the Reaper figure (based on the movie "Sucker Punch" no doubt) that started this little group to begin with.

I like that they all have a certain Soviet whiff about them, and that means I can expand this force by adding any similarly styled female sci-fi figures I come across in the future.

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