Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Great service from Vexillia

I spent the last few evenings thinking about rules for 15mm WOTR. We've used Warmaster before, and I have read Canadian Wargame Group's Flower of Chivalry, Peter Pig's Bloody Barons, Real Time Wargames' For, Lords, Tomorrow is a Busy Day, and The Perfect Captain's A Coat of Steel, but none really hit the right spot for me.

I liked Flower of Chivalry's command system, and Bloody Barons' mixed units, but wanted a simpler combat system. Eventually I decided to combine the two and come up with some rules for combat... But that's not the point of this post.

Now I went back to look at the 15mm WOTR army I've collected over the years - more than a hundred elements that came from several ebay purchases - and realised that to lend a uniformity to these figures with their different painting styles and basing I should perhaps re-flag them all.

A brief search on the internet provided some very good free banners to download, which with my laser colour printer (best non-exclusively-hobby-related buy of the year so far) will supply the flags for the units. However, standards are nowhere to be found and after some more searching I decided to buy some of the famous Freezywater flags from Vexillia.

The Freezywater flags range is extensive and the price reasonable, but the postage for two sheets came up to 8 pounds. Noting that they also carried Mirliton's range of 28mm Late Medievals/Fantasy Human, I decided to supplement my Perrys with a few figures - the postage came up to 9 pounds. Happy with myself, I completed the transaction and thought nothing of it.

Then when I came back this evening I found this email from Vexillia in my Junkmail folder:

Hi Shoon 
Thank you very much for your order.
Before I ship the order I need you to confirm something for me.  You 
have ordered 28 mm miniatures and 15 mm flags.  Are you sure?
If you meant to order 28 mm miniatures and 25 mm flags let me know and I 
will adjust the order for you.
Martin Stephenson
Vexillia Limited

I don't know about you, but I smiled when I read that. It's good to see someone making an effort to prevent a fellow gamer from being disappointed from a silly mistake he made making an online order; he could well have just packed the order and shipped them and gone home and I would only have myself to blame for clicking on the wrong tabs (had that been the case), but he decided to spend that extra time and effort to make sure I get what I want.

Thank you, Martin.

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