Monday, May 07, 2012

My head is killing me

Casualty figures add character to an army and the tabletop, and are a break from painting too many "line" figures.

Here's one of the casualty figures from the Perry WOTR metal pack, posing by a plastic wall corner which I think came from a 1:72 WW2 box.

The base is a 40mm square base I bought for use with my 15mm DBX armies - it's also the right size for four 20mm bases, which means it can be a unit filler.

The figure has a nice pose, but it's not really a high-quality sculpt or cast, or even the same scale as the Perry plastic figures (one shown here with GW Empire arms - I kinda wanted to show off the pose I created by trimming some plastic off the arm...).

1 comment:

fatgoblin said...

hmmm, needs something in front of the fella... looks a bit bare. maybe can put the weapon rack there....

Scale looks ok though.