Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A wargamer in Istanbul and Iznik

It's been almost six months, but here are the photos I took on my trip to Istanbul last year.

Veterans of the Cyprus campaign in 1974. These men were on their way to their regimental reunion. 

Ishtar Gate, Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

Various Bronze Age/Age of Chariots artifacts.

 The Alexander Sarcophagus.

Remnants of the city walls at Iznik/Nicea.
Some guy I spotted running across the street with a chainsaw strapped to his back...Looks like they are preparing for the zombie apocalypse in Turkey too.

Display outside the Military Museum, telling the story of Seyid Cabuk.


Yurt ornament. Perhaps someone might make some of these? Baueda?

Turkish sword and dagger

Detail view of chainmail

The manager at my hotel, who is doing a higher degree in Archaeology, suspects that this isn't the genuine article...

These polearms and helmets look like they were copied out of Perry's WOTR plastic infantry box set...

I asked a fellow visitor to pose beside this sword to give a sense of scale.

African throwing knives

Does anyone know which regiment this came from?

Needs more spikes and skullz...

Something for the Pulp gamer.

Turkey's first submarine, by those fellows from Spartan Games.

Guards at the back gate of Dolmabache Palace. Note the air-conditioned glass sentry-box o the left.
A model of Hayreddin Barbarossa's flagship at the Istanbul Naval Museum.
A soldier outside Topkapi Palace (I think it was).

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Rodger said...

Really cool photos. That sword is huge!!