Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wood Elf base

I hate elves.

I think they are gay.

But that was before I met Prince Nuada.

I have a soft spot for the underdog, and in terms of the story and the visuals I think the movie-makers managed to create an anti-hero one can root for. The story of course parallels the fluff for my beastmen, and putting the two together will give me the excuse to mix all sorts of Celtic-themed mythological creatures into my force. Joy.

After an extensive search with fg, I think I've got my Prince Nuada figure - but we weren't able to find the exact base I wanted. Then last weekend fg brought over his bits box, and inside it I found a bit from the GW Dryad box that looked the part. Gluing it to a corner of one of the resin bases I have (gotta love those stuff), I got this:

We have those flowing mystical symbols which look vaguely Celtic, and vines which remind one of the plant elemental unleashed by the prince in the movie. It sets the tone for the whole base, but at the same time should not take the focus from the figure itself, which I will paint in a rather low key black colour.

Should be fun, this.

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Simon Quinton said...

I agree I'm not that keen on elves. I loved Hellboy II I really liked the way the merged the elements together. Not having read any of the comics I didn't no what to expect. I look forward to seeing what you do with this