Friday, May 04, 2012

Perry WOTR infantry with GW arms

Even though I know I will probably never paint a big enough army to play WHFB, I have the crazy idea of buying and painting more Perry WOTR infantry and organisation them along the Empire codex.

Plus I need some armoured arms for my remaining figures.

Anyway, I bought some GW Warhammer bits which arrived in the mail today.

The armoured arms are too big and make the figures look like Hellboy. The unarmoured sword-arms are smaller, and more importantly the hands are of the appropriate size; a bit of trimming to get the angles, and this is what I ended up with:

The two figures on the left have GW arms, while the one on the right is the original for comparison. If you look closely you can still see that the arms are a little large - but once in a unit, especially with a shield over the left hand, that will probably pass unnoticed.


fatgoblin said...

the sword is huge! maybe they got them from istanbul!

Actually they look ok by themselves. Its just the pointy leader with the smaller sword that makes them stand out. Any chance of a GW weapon-ed leader?

Or arm him with something other than a sword. An axe maybe?

Or a two handed sword!

captain arjun said...

I'm going to have all the big-sword guys in one unit, and give thm a leader with a big sword too. :)

I've ordered some bucklers for them too, so they will be sword-and-shield.