Friday, September 09, 2011

The Baron Holmes

I received my custom-order paper flags from Maverick Models earlier this week and mounted them. The banner is glued onto the pole that is part of the figure's arm, while the standard is glued to a 1mm stiff wire, which is passed through a hole drilled through the fist of the figure (an old Citadel figure who once held an oversized sword) so I can use the same flag for the Baron's household unit in their 'mounted version' (when Perry finally decide to release their mounten men-at-arms, that is...). I may eventually do a head-swop on the figure once the mounted set is released so I can have two versions of the same fellow.

The flags are 'conjectural', being based on the coat-of-arms of the Holmes family and rendered according to the rules of heraldry of the times as I understand them. The idea for this came when I decided to buy a box of Perry's plastic WOTR infantry for fantasy skirmish and needed a colour scheme for them - I settled for one based on the coat-of-arms of a family name shared by a long-time friend. You can see the livery and badge of the house in this picture too. As I mentioned in an earlier post, these colours also coincide with that of the state of Nordland in Warhammer's Empire.

Stuart from Maverick Models was very helpful and patient in handling my request, and the flags turned out exactly as I wanted them, down to the blue tongue on the lion. If you want specific flags to be designed for your army, or simply want to design a WOTR/medieval English style banner based on the coat-of-arms of your family, I recommend Maverick Models.


Dan said...

Thats a pretty cool looking units, by the way, I found another foot knight I didn't know I had, and have packed him in Kai Tecks package for you.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Dan.

I'll keep an eye out for toys that you can use for your sci-fi stuff.

Ray Rousell said...

They look great, love the flags!!!

Rodger said...

Looking really nice. Those flags do look good.