Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ra Team

I've been getting a bit of a painter's block these past couple of weeks and just can't seem to get any more of my Perry plastics painted, so I thought I would take some photos of my fantasy Egyptian-themed Blood Bowl team instead.

The first shot is of the skeletons, the backbone of the team (pun intended). They are GW Tomb Kings plastics with their weapons snipped off and knuckle-dusters sculpted on their hands. I painted the Egyptian numerals for 1 to 6 on the back of their bases for identification.

These mummies count as zombies. The one on the left is from Eureka, and the one on the right is a Reaper miniature. The other two are Wargods figures. I have one in my starting line-up (we are using 5th Edition rules) - the others are spares for when I raise the players from the opposing team my team killed.

These guys count as wights. The Sobek figure is actually a statue from the Reaper range, since I didn't like any of the other Sobek figures from the other ranges. The two Khnum figures are from Wargods. I would have preferred one Khnum figure and one Apis figure, but I couldn't find any suitable bull-headed figure.

These two bird-headed fellows count as mummies. They are big - the Thoth figure towers over the rest of the team. He is a Reaper figure and one of the most beautiful figures I own; I painted him based on the Egyptian ibis. The Horus figure is from Wargods.

These guys count as ghouls, which are the fastest players in an Undead team. The heavily armoured figure on the left is actually a female gnoll figure from Hasslefree. The other figures are from Wargods. If the Elfball Anubis figures were available at the time I was putting this team together, I would have bought them too. I tried painting the Bast figures in the coat colour of the Mau cat, but decided I didn't have what it takes to pull it off.

The team support: the coach, the necromancer, and two cheerleaders. The necromancer (the skeleton, in case you are wondering, and I can't blame you) is a Reaper figure. I actually ordered this figure from the seller, but got this one instead. I decided to keep the staff and paint the team logo on it.

There are a ton of Reaper figures that will fit the team, but fortunately I still had some sense of control and didn't buy them all...

Finally, this is the team dugout which I made using Hirst Arts tiles and some stick-on number decals. The tortured mummy is from Wargods, as are the cat and Ark, which are used as Reroll and Turn markers. The central tile on each section has the heiroglyphs of a sarcophagus, a man fallen over, and a man sitting etched on them respectively, identifying the Casualty, KO, and Reserve sections.

Edit: Blogger is screwing up my layout and the photos don't enlarge when you click on them... Right click on them and open the file in another window to see the large size. Sorry about that.

Edit 2: I managed to remove the "improvement" Blogger made thansk to a helpful link on TMP.


Rodger said...

Very nice painting. Not my kind of game but they do look good.

Paul O'G said...

Love them - great figure selection and that dugout is great!!!

jonathan said...

Very nice team
Could you please tell me what miniatures you have used foe the 2 cheerleaders?
Thanks a lot

captain arjun said...


The figures are from Crocodile games, specifically this pack:

although this pack is also good:

jonathan said...

Thanks a lot
Are they in metal?
How tall are they up to the eyes?
I think I will buy them
Good idea

captain arjun said...

Yes, they are metal and about 29mm to the eye.

jonathan said...

Great thanks